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How to Cover a Broken Car Window

If you discover a broken side window on your car, you need to take steps to protect the interior until you can replace the glass. You will need a roll of clear plastic, scissors, a roll of masking tape and a roll of clear packing tape.

Do not use duct tape. The adhesive will ruin your car’s finish. Use clear, rather than colored, plastic to improve visibility. Clean the window frame and door. Open the door and cover the exterior paint with a two-inch-wide strip of masking tape. Unroll the plastic. Cut a piece slightly larger than the window opening. Using the packing tape, secure the plastic to the top of the doorframe. Pull the plastic taut. Tape the plastic to the bottom of the window. Tape one side before pulling it tight across the window opening. Tape the last side in place. Run a strip of tape around the inside of the window frame to form a weather-resistant seal.

Covering a side window with plastic is a short-term fix. For safety reasons, do not use plastic to cover the front windshield or rear window of your car. Contact Rockwall Auto Glass Company for further assistance as quickly as possible.

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